Vocational Education


Is a Vocational training program the right choice for YOU?

Vocational training holds a strong place in the Québec school system. Every year, tens of thousands of students from different backgrounds graduate from a Vocational training program and enter the workforce or choose to continue their studies. In the Montreal region alone, there are over 100 different vocational programs available within 15 economic sectors.

Consult www.lbpce.ca for more detailed information about the Vocational training programs offered through our School Board. Also visit clickvoc.qc.ca, a website entirely dedicated to vocational training in Montreal. You can also get in touch directly with the centre that offers the program of your dreams. For all programs offered in the province, consult inforoutefpt.org

A Vocational training program involves learning all the tasks and operations required to practice a specific trade.


Registration can be done online for trade programs, please consult the Service Regional d’Admission en Formation Professionnelle (SRAFP)
For more information about Vocational Studies in Montreal, visit CLICKVOC​


The 15 Vocational training sectors in Montreal are the following:

  Sector 1

  Administration, Commerce and Computer Technology

  Sector 2

  Agriculture and Fisheries

  Sector 3

  Food Services and Tourism

  Sector 4


  Sector 5

  Woodworking and Furniture Making

  Sector 7

  Buildings and Public Works

  Sector 9


  Sector 10

  Motorized equipment Maintenance

  Sector 11

  Mechanical Manufacturing

  Sector 13

  Communications and Documentation

  Sector 14

  Maintenance Mechanics

  Sector 16

  Metallurgical Technology

  Sector 18

  Fashion, Leather and Textiles

  Sector 19

  Health Services

Sector 21

  Beauty Care


  • For programs offered at centres of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, application time is ongoing; make sure that you apply as early as six months in advance as some programs attract a large number of candidates.
  • Apply in person at the centre offering your program of interest or online at www.srafp.com
  • All candidates are called to attend information sessions and interviews at the centre offering the program prior to acceptance.


Note: You can apply to both a vocational program and CEGEP to keep your options open.


Prerequisites for Vocational Education Programs offered at LBPSB

Candidates must be at least 16 years of age as of September 30th and have earned credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics at the level required in the specific program chosen or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning. A few programs require a Secondary III level; several others, a Secondary IV level and a few, a Secondary V level.


Open House and Information Sessions

Are you interested in pursuing a vocational training program?
Do you need to know more about the various programs that are offered?

Here are the possibilities:

Open House

Come visit the centre, and meet teachers and students in the program of your choice. This is usually the most convenient way to learn more about a vocational training program. Consult the centre of your choice for scheduled dates. Don’t miss it!

Group Information Session

A group information session involves a presentation by individuals in the field who provide demonstrations and a tour of the facility to interested candidates.

Personal Information Session

A personal information session will allow you the opportunity to find out about one or more programs in one of the centres. This experience will help you clarify your interests and see which program suits you best.

For more information on programs offered through our School Board, contact the centre or visit our website at www.lbpce.ca

Financial Assistance: Loans and Bursaries

You need financial assistance in order to pay for living expenses, equipment and tuition fees? Students applying for a Vocational Training program are eligible for Loans and Bursaries through the Ministry of Education. For more information, consult the "Funding your Studies" page of our website.