How to apply


PLEASE NOTE: All CEGEP applications are completed online.

Service Régional d’Admission de Montréal (SRAM):

  • That site will open for applications by mid-January.
  • You can apply to ONE CEGEP program on your first round application (before March 1st). That means you have to decide among those CEGEPs before you sit down to apply!
  • If you are refused, choose a second program at the same CEGEP for Round 2 (mid-April), or you might consider applying to the same or a different program at a different CEGEP where there is more space. Your term 2 marks will be seen by the CEGEPs for Rounds 2 and 3 also.

Common Application System (CAS):

  • You make 1st and 2nd choices on the CAS when you complete your application before March 1st.
  • If you are not accepted into your first choice of CEGEP program, they will transfer your file to your second choice program. Therefore it is a good idea to make your second choice a program at the same CEGEP that has either more space or fewer specific prerequisites. Consult your Guidance Department for more information.
  • To submit your application, fill the SRAM online form at [ http://commonapplication.qc.ca]
  • CEGEPS that are part of CAS include:

Private Colleges:

Marianopolis [www.marianopolis.edu] has its own individual application procedure. You can apply online by mid-January, making 1st & 2nd program choices at that time. Remember, Marianopolis is a 'private' College - meaning you have to pay tuition as well as for books.

Other Private Colleges (ex. LaSalle & O’Sullivan & Centennial) also have their own application procedures, so you can apply to them also separately. See their websites for details: www.clasalle.com, www.osullivan.edu & http://college.centennial.qc.ca.

** IMPORTANT **: Your application will not be complete without the following documents. Failure to provide all required documents BEFORE MARCH 1st could result in losing a place in your program.

  • SRAM (for JAC & Vanier); and Dawson, Champlain @ St. Lambert and Marianopolis can all access Sec IV & V marks online.
    • For other colleges, you may have to photocopy your final Sec IV transcript and most recent sec V report card and mail them to ARRIVE BY March 1st.
  • SRAM (for JAC & Vanier), can access your birth/ citizenship records online, if you were born in Quebec.
    • For all other CEGEPs, you will have to make photocopies of the long form of your birth certificate [if born in Quebec].
    • If you were born outside Quebec, you must provide a copy of your birth certificate. If you were born outside Canada you must also provide a copy of your Canadian Citizenship documents and mail those to every CEGEP concerned.
  • For most, the application fee [$30] is payable by credit card when you register online. If you choose not to pay online, you must mail to them a certified cheque or money order to be received by the CEGEP or SRAM by March 1st.


  Quote your student file number (from your online "application receipt") on anything you mail or fax!