Choosing a CEGEP program


What do you WANT to do?  How much training will it take?  Will you find a job?

When thinking about your education, it’s important to think about ALL of those things as well as the current and future needs of the labor market.  We don’t do paper and pencil tests in classes anymore, but these websites can help you explore yourself and your options.

What’s the best “FIT” for YOU?

Luckily, there are some reliable online versions of Interest [what you like to do], Aptitudes [what you’re good at] and even Personality tests which score themselves, and tell you what might ‘fit’ you.  Once you’ve done a few of these, take the results to your Guidance Department to strategize how to get there! 

Your account is accessible through your Fusion Portal

  • Use to search careers and identify educational requirements
  • Explore Assessments
    • Matchmaker & MySkills
    • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Create your own portfolio and build your Resume [CV] online.

Vocational and Technical training

  • Personality/ Aptitude Test [takes a while to do but it is reliable info about you!] ​

PYGMA is a search engine that allows you to find college programs in Quebec, and learn more about their respective requirements, content and outcomes. Most importantly, you can find out which colleges offer the programs you are interested in. You can search by keyword, by college, or on an interactive map with multiple filters.

Use this also to check job prospects by region in Quebec

If you’d like to see how different levels of education relate to employment rates